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PD Associates
Completed: Spring 2010
PD Associates wanted a nice, clean site to showcase their available real estate and private properties. The custom home available page utilizes a nice thumbnail "lightbox" photo gallery that expands to larger photos.
Client: H20 Solutions-NE, LLC
Completed: Spring 2010
H20 wanted a quick and simple web site to use as a "virtual brochure" to get their information out on the web in a fast, cost-effective way.
Client: CTC Envision Home Theater
Completed: Winter 2009
CTC also wanted a quick and simple web site to use as a "virtual brochure" to get their information out on the web in a fast, cost-effective way to showcase their home theatre work.
Client: Haigh-Farr, Inc.
Completed: Fall 2006
This client wanted a clean, professional layout to showcase their products and general information. We also integrated a password-protected portal for their sales reps to access, allowing downloads of pdfs and other files. e-sist also designed their corporate intranet.
Wicked Thingz
Client: Wicked Thingz
Completed: Summer 2008
WickedThingz wanted a cool, gothic design. On hold.
WolfDen Designs
Client: WolfDen Designs
Completed: Fall 2009
This site was designed for a fellow web and database designer who wanted a really nice visual design incorprating wolves.
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AsiaFauve Bengals
Client: AsiaFauve Bengal Cattery
Completed: Winter 2010
I love this site - the photos of the cats are absolutely breath-taking! All the colors of the site were used by using the "color picker" tool and selecting colors from the photos of the cats themselves. This client wanted a site that had a mix of Asian and Jungle themes.
Testimonial from Asia Fauve: "I searched for a long time to find a web designer that was highly professional yet affordable, and I could not have made a better choice! Carrie put a lot of work into designing the perfect web site for my Bengal breeding program, and achieved a result that surpassed my highest expectations. Carrie is highly professional, has excellent taste, and an artist’s eye, and she designed a site with colors and themes that show off my cats to their fullest. Since my website has been on-line, I have received many many positive comments and compliments. I couldn’t be happier, and I highly recommend her."
Northern Lights Collies
Client: R and D Bulldogs
Completed: Summer 2011
I had so much fun designing this site. These Bulldogs are adorable!! Leigh, the owner, is the most incredibly sweet and caring person that I have met in a very long time. She truly loves her dogs AND the people who bring one of her pups into their homes.
Testimonial from R&D Bulldogs: "I absolutely love my web site!!! Carrie did a great job designing the site of my dreams. I have received many compliments on it, several of my customers have told me that after looking at other Bulldog sites, that mine is their favorite! My puppy waiting list has increased since the launch of my site. I couldn't be happier! Not only is Carrie talented at graphic and web design, she is also a huge pet lover! She is now designing a professional business site for my husband."
Northern Lights Collies
Client: Northern Lights Collies - inactive
Completed: Winter 2009
I love this client - this is the third site I have designed for her. Her collies are gorgeous! I designed this site to capture all the colors of the beautiful Northern Lights. I implemented an interactive drop-down menu to be able to give each of her dogs their own page while keeping the main menu small.
Northern Lights Collies
Client: Witsend Cattery
Completed: Fall 2011
Lou came to me to redesign her site that was outdated. She wanted it to have a modern, yet simple design that would compliment the exotic Bengal cats. She was referred by my other client, Asia Fauve. I love referrals!
Client: Tisanti Birman & Ragoll Cattery
Completed: Spring 2007
Being a Birman and Ragdoll breed owner myself, I was thrilled to design this site for Tisanti Cattery in the UK. I incorprated the photo of their cat in the wall planter into the site layout and brought the vines down the left side. The earthy tones really accentuate the gorgeous blue eyes and plush fur of the cats.
Testimonial from Tisanti: "We had our website designed by Carrie in 2007 and have been very impressed by the service we have received, and continue to receive now in 2011. We get a lot of positive feedback about the design and overall look of the site, and the number of hits has risen dramatically. On a personal note we would like to thank Carrie for such a prompt and professional service. We highly recommend e-sist designs!"
Windy City Cotons
Client: Windy City Coton de Tulear
Completed: Winter 2005
I receive more compliments on this site than I do on any other design. The owner of this site is a wonderful woman, she really wanted a beauitful, whimsical design to showcase her dogs and puppies that also captured the theme of the Windy City.
Clover Hill
Client: Clover Hill Pups - inactive
Completed: Summer 2008
An adorable site to showcase absolutely adorable dogs and puppies! Given the name of her kennel, I created a layout with clovers and hues of green.
Client: Pendragon Tonkinese
Completed: Summer 2010
This client wanted a black background with hues of purple and an elegant feel. The Tonkinese is a gorgeous, playful cat and I think the design captured that.
Testimonial from Pendragon: "I was thrilled with the elegant design of my cattery website. So many people that have contacted me about kittens have remarked how attractive it is. Carrie helped me with every step of the process, from selecting a palette of colors, choosing key words, determining layout, and selecting fonts. Carrie was a pleasure to work with and I know she took a sincere interest in my breeding program and individual cats. She is very pet-friendly with multiple pets of her own and understands the needs of breeders. I would enthusiastically recommend her!"
Southern Traditional Siamese
Client: Southern Traditional Siamese
Completed: Summer 2010
Lynn wanted a beautiful, clean site to display her gorgeous Siamese cats and kittens.
Testimonial from Southern Siamese: "My name is Lynn and I breed Traditional Siamese. My website gets many hits a day and several calls a day from people that want my kittens. My increase of emails and calls have come from Carrie's design and work on my website and many have said how much they love my website compared to other Siamese breeders. I recommend her work to anyone that is starting a business or wants a new approach for a existing website. Carrie has fresh ideas and a very creative touch to make a website standout."
Good Kitties
Client: Ultimutt Pet Sitting
Completed: Winter 2011
Bonnie wanted a no-frills, professional looking web site to advertise her pet sitting business. Proceeds for this web site were donated to Moki the Cat.
Testimonial from Ultimutt Pet Sitting: "Carrie! I am so stoked about my new website. I have gotten so much positive feedback from people everywhere. I love the way you were able to work with an existing design idea and put it all together into a friendly yet professional website. It's been such a pleasure working with you, getting to know you a little bit, and best of all having you as my webdesigner because of your love for animals and your kindness and caring for a little cat in California named Moki Fogg. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job!!!"
Good Kitties
Client: Good Kitties
Completed: Summer 2008
Terri wanted a simple, clean site to display her beautiful Persian and Himalayan cats and kittens.
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Tarot by Kaz
Client: Tarot by Kaz
Completed: Summer 2010
A very cool design for a Tarot Card reader in the UK. I made the menu using scans of her actual cards, that "flip" when hovered over.